Temporary Storage

GSI Wall Panels

The wall system plays an important part in your temporary storage system.  Providing optimal airflow, GSI's wall panels are custom configured to the needs of your system.


- GSI's patent pending wall design provides maximum airflow.

- Galvanized wall supports and wall sheeting provide a durable solution.

-Wall heights available are 3.5', 6', and 8'

-Wall panel design provides efficient shipping and easy on site setup.



GSI Temporary Storage Aeration System

GSI's Customizable aeration system ensures airflow during storage that can be configured to meet your needs.


- Polypropylene corrugated double wall tube with smooth surface inner wall allows maximum airflow.

- 12", 18", and 24" diameter pipe available.

- Aeration pipe diameter, perforation, and location is customized to your commodity needs.

- Durable pipe provides for easy on-site handling that can be used again year after year.



Temporary Storage Tarps

Protecting your grain is key, GSI offers a full line of tarps and options for your temporary storage system.


- Integrated internal strapping system provides maximum tarp security.

- Velcro rain-flap with grommet connection will protect grain from elements.