IGSE Wireless Box Gate Opener

The IGSE box gate opener makes dumping seed into tenders so much easier and more safe! Why climb up the side of the tender and risk falling off when opening the gate? With the box gate opener, simply raise the box above the tender and open/close the gate with the wireless remote; all from your forklift!




Customer Testimonials:


- "This thing is awesome, no more climbing and reaching to open the chute. My customers thought it was really neat also. Safety is #1!"


- "It has been one of the best investments in my seed business. The safety factor alone has paid for itself. Very satisfied."


- "This has really helped me from having to climb up rickety old ladders to open up pro boxes. Customers of ours were really impressed and thought it was the greatest invention!"


- "This opener is amazing. I was very well satisfied on how it works. Two years ago I fell off a tender trying to open a slide gate. If I would have had this unit then, I wouldn't be putting up with a wrecked arm today! Safety aspect and ease of use is amazing. I used to climb up the mast on the fork lift and reach out to open the slide. Now I can sit on the seat and push the button to operate with ease!"