Integris Basic

Proactively monitor grain condition-directly from your PC.  The OPI-Integris IntegrisBasic Advanced Grain Management solution delivers PC-based grain temperature monitoring and grain moisture monitoring, along with alarms and continuous level grain inventory monitoring. IntegrisBasic is the best solution for medium to larger scale storage facilities requiring grain temperature and moisture monitoring only and not automated grain bin aeration fan control.


Using a variety of sensing inputs IntegrisBasic captures key data about your grain's condition:

 •Temperature Sensing: StorMax retractable temperature cables, featuring 2-Wire digital technology, deliver maximum accuracy (+/-1°F) and reliability.  StorMax temperature cables are also easy to install and the retractable technology makes servicing them a breeze.

•Moisture Sensing: The moisture cable captures temperature and relative humidity up through the grain mass to calculate moisture content with accuracies up to +/-1.0%.

•Insector Insect Detection: Measures the number and density of insects in your bin for early detection and control.  Insector also helps to improve and reduce fumigation.


Customer Testimonials:

"The reward, which is not having spoiled grain, is so much greater than the risk, i.e., writing a check to you guys.  It's incredible."


"The best part about it [Integris system] is the 24/7 monitoring. It’s another set of eyes so to speak with each of the bins…"


“Now I know if I have enough corn left to sell another truckload.”


“The deal that shows the level in the bin is kind of nice, so you can double check your inventory. And it shows whether it’s coming out of the side draw or they’re taking it out of the middle.”

"The savings through using less electricity and only running fans when necessary are tremendous.”


“Normally, we’d haul 20% of our corn in the summer. Now 80% is hauled in the summer time frame. The longer you keep grain stored, the more you earn from storage. We wouldn’t have dared do that in the past…”


"…Just set your parameters right and get the moisture content you want.”