Integris Pro

Monitor and control grain quality.  You can...directly from your PC...with our IntegrisPro Advanced Grain Management solution.  Offering fully automated grain temperature and grain moisture monitoring, in addition to alarms, continuous level inventory monitoring and automated grain bin aeration control, IntegrisPro is the most highly developed grain storage management solution available.  IntegrisPro also offers the best, most cost-effective way for large farm operators and commercial grain facility managers to increase their bottom-line.


With IntegrisPro, your grain storage becomes a profit center.  Market-enabling technology lets you store grain longer with the confidence of knowing you're maintaining top-quality condition.  Increased carry times mean you sell when market prices are at their peak.  The OPI-integris IntegrisPro solution minimizes shrink and spoilage, reduces energy costs by as much as 80% with automated grain bin fan control and increases dryer throughput, so you maintain the highest quality grain!


Customer Testimonials:

“It is the best $30,000 I have spent. I have an employee who works 24/7, 365 days a year and has managed my grain perfectly for the last 3 years.”


"Having the OPI-integris system at one central location is really convenient, since we can now monitor and control our grain storage from the office."


"It’s [IntegrisPro] not just drying and it’s not just keeping track of the temperature—it really is the manager of your grain system.


"The system pays for itself over and over again just in peace of mind."

"One of the nice things about your system [IntegrisPro] is every year there's another aspect of it that stands out.  As the years go by, you run into different conditions and considerations and your system [IntegrisPro] stands out in ways you didn't realize it would."


“I took vacation, I have a son who lives out in North Carolina, and I took my laptop with me. I knew I had some concerns on this bin out here [Conrad] so I was watching it and sure enough it started giving me a problem and I turned the fan on from North Carolina—and ran it…got the hot spot out and shut it off.”